Rome has many places to stay.  These are only a few options.  Prices and distance from the center of Rome vary.  Prices also depend on the time of the year.  Religious guest houses are usually less expensive than hotels.

It is best to make reservations as early as possible, because rooms are limited, and they fill up quickly.

Near the Angelicum

Casa il Rosario:

Via S. Agata dei Goti, 10
00184 Rome
Telephone: 06/679.2346
Fax: 06/699.41106
Email: [email protected]

Casa Santa Lucia Filippini

Largo S. Lucia Filippini, 20,
00186 Rome
Email: [email protected]

These are both reasonably priced and near Piazza Venezia.  They offer breakfast in the mornings.

Hotel Forum  (more expensive)

Via Tor de’ Conti, 25,
00184 Rome
Email: [email protected]

Near St. Peter’s and the Vatican

Padri Trinitari

Piazza Santa Maria alle Fornaci, 27
00165 Rome
Telephone: 06/3936.7632
Fax: 06/3936.6795
Email: [email protected]
About €70 per night

Suore di Maria Bambina

Via Paolo VI, 21
00193 Rome
Fax: 011-39-06/6989-3540
Email: [email protected]
Curfew at 10:30 pm during winter and at 11:30 pm during summer. A single room is about 60€ with breakfast

Suore Missionarie Palottine Casa per Ferie

Viale delle Mura Aurelie, 7/b,
00165 Rome
Telephone: (011 39)
Fax: (011 39)
Email: [email protected]
About €47 per night without bathroom or €62 per night with bathroom

Residenza Paolo VI (a hotel)

Via Paolo VI, 29,
00193 Rome
Telephone+39 06 68 48 70

Hotel Sant’Anna

Borgo Pio, 134,
00193 Rome
Telephone: +06 6880 1602


Casa di S. Francesca Romana (Trastevere)

Via dei Vascellari, 61
00153 Rome
Telephone/Fax: +06/581.2125
Email: [email protected]

Villa Lante – Istituto del Sacro Cuore

Via S. Francesco de Sales, 18
00165 Rome
Telephone: 06/6880.6032
Fax: 06/6893.848
Email: [email protected]
About €50 per night with breakfast, curfew 11pm

Casa San Giuseppe

Vicolo Moroni, 22
00153 Rome
Prices available online at www.casasangiuseppe.it (go to PRENOTA ONLINE)
Email: [email protected]

Casa Santa Brigida (more expensive)

Piazza Farnese, 96
00186 Rome
Telephone: 06/6889.259
Fax: 06/6889.1573
Email:  [email protected]