New Article Published by Fr. Mariusz Tabaczek, O.P. ~ Teleology in Natural Theology and Theology of Nature: Classical Theism, Science-Oriented Panentheism, and Process Theism

Father Mariusz Tabaczek, O.P. has published a new article in the journal Nova et Vetera. It can be found HERE or on his profile on Here is the abstract of the article: In the face of renewed and growing awareness of the importance of natural teleology (goal-directedness) in the scientific and philosophical reflection on the reality, a question should be asked about the ways in which the notion of finality may inspire theology. I show that—when clearly distinguished from Paley’s argument from design and its contemporary version developed by the proponents of Intelligent Design—the classical notion of teleology becomes a promising and fruitful inspiration for both natural theology and theology of nature. At the same time, the analysis of highly influential projects of science-oriented panentheism and process theism shows that they do not seem to pay enough attention to teleology. Hence, further research is needed that will (1) reinvigorate the classical theological reflection on teleology, (2) contextualize it in reference to contemporary science, and (3) engage it into a conversation with other schools of theology participating in the ongoing dialogue between science, philosophy, and theology.

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