Enrollment & Registration

Enrollment starts in the first week of June for the following Academic Year and ends in the third week of September. One may also enroll at the beginning of the second semester during the last two weeks of January. Note that during the month of August, offices are closed in Rome.


After checking with the dean of being eligible to join the course of interest,  the candidate student will follow all the required process for enrollment.


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During the six semesters of the first cycle the students are introduced to philosophy. They are introduced to the fundamental philosophical themes (man, God, the world) to obtain a global vision necessary for a theoretical synthesis and an awareness of the general development of human thought in history.


Please see the handbook of studies for details.


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Second Cycle courses build upon and develop courses taken during the first cycle. While still broadly conceived, these courses aim primarily at specialization that consists in the study of the Philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas, of his historical context, of his sources, of the history of Thomism and of the importance of his philosophy on contemporary philosophical issues.


Admission to the Second Cycle presupposes to possess the degree of ecclesiastical Baccalaureate in Philosophy (180ECTS).


Please see the handbook of studies for details


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The Third Cycle is offered to those who want to prepare themselves to teach and to do research in Philosophy. It lasts three years and it is structured in three phases.


First phase: Lectio Coram examination
Second phase: Thesis Elaboration
Third phase: Thesis dissertation (doctoral exam)


The students of the third cycle have to follow three second-cycle courses or seminars and get the corresponding marks.
With the permission of the Dean, they may register for other courses or seminars.


Please see the handbook of studies for details.


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Extra cursum students are those who after having followed the regular programme of studies, are yet to complete their academic requirements (examinations, theses, written work). These are required to annually pay the fees prescribed by the Administration. They may retain the status of Fuori Corso for a maximum period of five years, after which they must begin their cycle of studies all over again.


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