Pavan  Chair is the heart of the empirical and theoretical research of FASS. It draws together the specific methodological strengths of each social science with interdisciplinary skills, the latter being a strength of the Thomistic tradition, to address issues of our day.


The purpose of the Pavan Chair is to promote research with an ethical dimension on the urgent problems of the contemporary world. Since issues that merit investigation are often of a global nature and require multiple and integrated approaches, the Pavan Chair also has the purpose of bringing together research initiatives between the Faculties and between Italian and international universities.



  1. Bioethics, Human Rights and Multiethnicity, 2001-2003
  2. Elite theory, 2002-2003
  3. The Civil Condition of Immigrant Inmates in Italian Prisons, 2004-2006
  4. The Dominican Contribution to Social Ethics in the 20th Century, 2005-2008
  5. Social Ethics and Social Responsibility (RSI), 2007-2008
  6. Preaching Justice II, 2009-2016
  7. The Catholic University between Secularization and Identity (CUSI), ongoing
  8. Foundational Reflections on Theology and Technology in a Digital Age (FORE), ongoing
  9. The Cultural Perception of the Romanians in Rome, ongoing