Pavan  Chair is the heart of the empirical and theoretical research of FASS. It draws together the specific methodological strengths of each social science with interdisciplinary skills, the latter being a strength of the Thomistic tradition, to address issues of our day.


The purpose of the Pavan Chair is to promote research with an ethical dimension on the urgent problems of the contemporary world. Since issues that merit investigation are often of a global nature and require multiple and integrated approaches, the Pavan Chair also has the purpose of bringing together research initiatives between the Faculties and between Italian and international universities.



  1. Bioethics, Human Rights and Multiethnicity, 2001-2003
  2. Elite theory, 2002-2003
  3. The Civil Condition of Immigrant Inmates in Italian Prisons, 2004-2006
  4. The Dominican Contribution to Social Ethics in the 20th Century, 2005-2008
  5. Social Ethics and Social Responsibility (RSI), 2007-2008
  6. Preaching Justice II, 2009-2016
  7. The Catholic University between Secularization and Identity (CUSI), ongoing
  8. Foundational Reflections on Theology and Technology in a Digital Age (FORE), ongoing
  9. The Cultural Perception of the Romanians in Rome, ongoing

Oikonomia is the journal of the Faculty of Social Sciences (FASS) of the Pontifical University of St Thomas Aquinas (PUST) in Rome. It is a collaborative project of the lecturers and students of the faculty, and of scholars who work with the FASS. The issues that are covered are those of the social sciences, as we understand them in our tradition, covering five areas: philosophy, law, history/politics, psychology/sociology, economics/communication.

The subjects treated as the journal’s editorial profile has developed have ranged from theoretical issues to reports on conferences, to reviews of important new books. Particular attention is given in every number to selecting a text from the recent or distant past, but which always has particular significance for the main theme of the number; this text, the “classic page”, is always directly connected with the editorial.

The editorial committee ensures only that a correct methodology has been employed by the authors of contributions. It does not vet the content of the articles, for which the sole responsibility lies with the authors.

Managing Director: Francesco Compagnoni OP
Editorial Assistant: Pablo Sebastian Aparicio
Publishing House: Angelicum University Press (AUP), Largo Angelicum 1, 00184 ROMA
Editorial Office: Tel: +39 06 67 02 416, E-mail: [email protected]

ISSN 1720-1691
Registered with the Tribunal of Rome n. 422/2002 on July 12, 2002


Adjuvantes ONLUS


Established in 2000, the Adjuvantes ONLUS Fund aims to foster the education and the cultural deepening of the social sciences among students from all over the world, with particular regard to those from developing countries, through the acquisition of titles of study issued by the Pontifical University St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome.


Its ultimate goal is to prepare a future leadership inspired by personal and Christian humanism, through the acquisition of the methodologies and knowledge of the most current social sciences and by promoting the values of interculturality. For this purpose, Adjuvantes ONLUS procures funds and manages scholarships, provides global (administrative and personal) assistance to students (housing, access to health services), organizes courses and meetings on the most relevant topics of social sciences, coordinates work experience and internships, as well as other collaborative activities, with other non-profit organizations that work on social issues and problems in the local community.


In line with these objectives, Adjuvantes has co-ordinated for several years two scholarship projects aimed at students and workers from Eastern European countries:

– Bridge Builder
– Studio Realtà.