The Faculty of Theology offers three successive Cycles of studies, each one terminating with the conferment of an academic degree: the Baccalaureate, the Licentiate and the Doctorate.


  1. The First Cycle (three years), ordered to the attainment of the Baccalaureate in Theology, offers a synthetic presentation of fundamental theological questions, together with an introduction to the scientific method of the various theological disciplines.
  2. The Second Cycle, ordered to the acquisition of the Diploma in Pastoral Theology (one year) or the Licentiate in Theology (two years, for Biblical section two years and half, first semester propaedeutic), provides the possibility of specializing in a particular sector of the theological sciences. These include: Scripture, Thomism, Dogmatic and Fundamental Theology, Ecumenism, Moral Theology, and Spiritual Theology.
  3. The Third Cycle (two years), ordered to the attainment of the Doctorate in Theology, enables the student to reach a certain theological maturity by means especially of the preparation of a doctoral dissertation which will contribute to the progress of theological science.


The Faculty of Theology, moreover, offers Diploma Programs in Spirituality and Interreligious Dialogue. The Faculty proposes a personalized plan of study for the ongoing theological-spiritual formation of priests, religious men and women, as well as for the laity.