25 Feb 2019

“Roman alma Mater” Ange Alumni Meet in DC

On 6 November 2018 and at the invitation of priests of the Archdiocese of Washington the Angelicum’s alumni association gatherings have been revived once again!  Our Rector Magnificus (Fr. Michal Paluch OP), the President of the International Dominican Foundation (Fr. Allen Moran OP) and the new Director of Development & Mission Advancement (Fr. Benedict Croell OP) gathered at the Congressional Country Club in in Washington, D.C. for a meal and fellowship at the kind invitation and organization of Angelicum Alumni: Fr. Bill Byrne, Mrs. Susan Timoney, Fr. Mark Knestout, Fr. Stephen Wyble, Fr. Christopher Seith, Fr. Alex Scott. The Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas is GRATEFUL to the DC Priests for setting the pace! There are more seminarians studying at the Angelicum from the Archdiocese of Washington than any other single diocese in the world.  The next Roman alma Mater (clerical) Alumni gathering will be in July in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA) at a date T.B.A. Contact [email protected] to stay in touch and get updates! If you would like to organize an Angelicum Alumni gathering let us know and we will help you to organize.