Personal Protective Equipment

  • Normally, for all workers who share common spaces, the use of a mask is mandatory as also regulated by Legislative Decree no. 9 (art. 34) in combination with the DL n. 18 (art 16 c. 1).
  • Given the obligation to maintain an interpersonal distance of at least one meter, the use of masks by employees during work activities will still be required.
  • Personal masks may be worn whose type corresponds to the indications from the health authority.
  • In offices where it is not possible to guarantee adequate interpersonal distancing, personal protective visors will be provided.
  • Employees, students and visitors are required to wear face coverings.
  • Masks are required unless an employee, student and/or visitor can easily, continuously, and measurably maintain at least one meter of distance from other employees and/or visitors for the duration of his or her work and/or time in a building.