Contact Tracing/Quarantine/Isolation

  • Once a confirmed COVID-19 case is identified and isolated, the University will identify and notify the individual’s close contacts. Close contacts, which will include classmates, will be advised to self-quarantine at home.
  • To assist with contact tracing, professors are asked to use a seating chart for all in-person classes and to take attendance for each class. Students will be required to sign the attendance sheet and fill in their temperature that was taken at the entrance of the University. This may help reduce the number of individuals required to quarantine in the event that someone tests positive for COVID-19.
  • When a student/employee tests positive for COVID-19, the student/employee is to remain at home to isolate for a minimum of at least 14 days or until they are without symptoms for at least 3 days.
  • Faculty members, staff members or students who test positive will be instructed to isolate at home, except for those residing in the Convent. Residents of the Convent will follow their own established protocols as regards to quarantine and isolation.
  • Any employee or student sent home may not return to the University until he or she provides competent evidence to the University demonstrating that:
    • After being sent home he or she tested negative for COVID-19; or
    • After being sent home he or she tested positive for COVID-19 but he or she has since met the minimum 14-day requirement for ending isolation (and showed no symptoms during that time); or
    • Provides a doctor's note stating he or she is not/no longer contagious.
  • Any person experiencing symptoms of illness should not come to campus. Those who are at risk or immunocompromised will be encouraged to work or study remotely.