Modes of Learning

Deans, working with faculty members, will determine the best way, in the interests of safety and pedagogy, to offer his or her classes, using one or more of these teaching methodologies for the first semester of the 2020-2021 academic year.



(Presential) including accommodations for students studying remotely.

  • Classes meet with students in-person with the option of students studying remotely for health reasons or because of distance.


  • Classes alternate between meeting online and in-person, with accommodations for students studying remotely. A system will be developed to determine which students will need to be present and at what alternating times they should be present. Presential preference may be given to new students.


  • Classes meet remotely as a group at regularly scheduled times.


  • Students learn the same material as their classmates but independent of regularly scheduled class times.
  • Students, for a just reason, may fill out a form for dispensation from presential classes and should submit it to the dean of the Faculty prior to the first week of classes. The student will be informed whether he/she will be granted the dispensation. For the dispensation form in English click here, for the dispensation form in Italian click here.
  • Students will be provided information about the methodology to be used by their professor prior to the first week of classes.