[FL 3403]  Anthropology and Law. Thinking with St. John Paul II.

To Be Determined

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Professor: LONGCHAMPS DE BéRIER, Franciszek
Email: [email protected]
Language: English

Cycle: II
Year: II
ECTS: 1.5
To Be Determined


Intensive Lecture

If every law has been created for the sake of men, then the essential question is: who are men. The answer a “human being” does not seem to be an adequate reply to the question concerning who is a carrier of rights. Persona is a very special concept which Roman law introduced not only to our legal tradition but to our entire culture. We see how individualistic it is when we compare it to the Greek notion of polis – an urban society to which individuals were definitely subordinated. Is there any correct anthropology, the only correct anthropology to be used as a basis for law? The experience of discussions with Marxists before 1991 could be instructive with regard to the challenges that any concept of persona and/or individual and/or carrier of rights has to confront in present times.

F. Longchamps de Bèrier


Tuesday          20 April : 16.30-18.15

Thursday         22 April : 16.30-18.15

Friday              23 April : 16.30-18.15

Tuesday          27 April : 16.30-18.15

Thursday         29 April : 16.30-18.15

Friday              30 April : 16.30-18.15


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