[FL3479]  Aristotle’s De anima (Lic – III yr Bacc.) – 21.22

Semester I
monday 16:30 - 18:15

Course Information

Professor: RAFFRAY, Matthieu
Email: [email protected]
Language: English

Semester I
monday 16:30 - 18:15


This course proposes a detailed and systematic reading of one of the most important works of Aristotle: the “De Anima” (Peri Psuchè).
The goal of this reading will be not only to know and understand the text of Aristotle in itself, but also to study its context, its philosophical interpretations, and the history of the text in ancient, medieval and contemporary philosophy. A special focus will be put on the medieval debates about the intellect.


Aristotle De Anima: With Translation, Introduction and Notes by R. D. Hicks (Cambridge: University Press, 1907; Paperback edition 2015)