[sP 2518]  History of Spirituality: Part II

Semester II
tuesday 15:30 - 17:15

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Language: English
Section: Spiritual

Semester II
tuesday 15:30 - 17:15


The period in the history of Catholic Spirituality from the Renaissance to the present Post-Vatican II time in the life of the Church is richly significant in the lives and teachings of the Church’s saints, the missionary expansion, and the witness of the Church and her religious orders and congregations to a world going through a profound time of intellectual, scientific, and general cultural ferment. The purpose of this course will be to review the on-going development of Roman Catholic spirituality with special emphasis upon the traditions offered by the new religious orders and congregations founded during this period, especially the Carmelite Order and the Society of Jesus, as well as the continuing influence of the Order of Preachers and other orders founded in the earlier ages in the life of the Church.


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