[TE2543]  Introduction to Patristic Theology

Semester II
wednesday 08:30 - 10:15

Course Information

Professor: AYRES, Lewis
Email: [email protected]
Language: English
Section: Dogmatic and Fundamental

Semester II
wednesday 08:30 - 10:15


The “Patristic” period, between AD 100-700, saw the development of the fundamental dogmatic statements of the Church in the areas of Trinitarian theology and Christology. It also saw the emergence of the canon of Sacred Scripture and the practice of Scriptural exegesis that would shape Christian thought for centuries. Similarly, the basic patterns of the Church’s liturgy, as well as the fundamental shape of ascetic and spiritual practice emerged during this period. The course will provide an introduction to Patristic theology as a continuing resource in our day


Robert Wilken, The First Thousand Years (Yale, 2012). Robert Wilken, The Spirit of Early Christian Thought. Seeking the Face of God (Yale, 2005).