[FL 3406]  Karol Wojtyla’s Job Re-enacting Rapsodic Theatre – lectures and drama performance

To Be Determined

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Language: English

ECTS: 1.5
To Be Determined


The course consists of lectures and theater workshops ended with the staging of the drama “Job” of Karol Wojtyła. John Paul II was involved in the theatre for many decades as a critic, essayist, philosopher-theoretician, and as a dramatist. In 1941 he co-founded with Mieczyslaw Kotlarczyk, during a WW II, the Rhapsodic Theatre. His plays are to be understood in the context of his Christian anthropology perceived in categories of phenomenology and neoThomism. Lectures will focus on the philosophical, theological, anthropological, and cultural contexts of the work. In terms of narrative play Job touches the essence of humanity and the relation of the individual with the Absolute.

Prof. Jaroslaw Kilian


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