[mP3741]  LIC. Transhumanism and the Ethics of Emerging Techonologies – 24.25 (teol)

Semester I
wednesday 14:30 - 16:15

Course Information

Language: English

Semester I
wednesday 14:30 - 16:15


The course gives an overview of the contemporary transhumanist movement and addresses the ethics of a wide range of emerging technologies such as gene editing, artificial intelligence, pharmaceuticals, and body-machine interfaces. It provides a historical background to the movement’s main thinkers and highlights those traditions of postmodernism, secularism, liberalism, anthropological dualism, and expressive individualism that converge in their work. The course offers a detailed philosophical and theological evaluation of proposals for physical, cognitive, emotional, moral, and life span enhancements. It argues that the Thomistic tradition of natural law virtue ethics can assimilate the positive aspects of contemporary Transhumanism and correct the limitations of the movement. The course also compares the visions of soteriology and eschatology presented in Transhumanism and the Catholic moral tradition.


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