[AT163]  Spiritual Theology

Semester I
wednesday 14:30 - 16:15

Course Information

Professor: O'CONNOR, Richard
Email: [email protected]
Language: English

Semester I
wednesday 14:30 - 16:15


A study of some classic texts; A study of the main points in the growth in holiness; The kingdom of God seen as the goal of all earthly striving. This course will look first at some well known texts from the scriptures and from tradition on spirituality. Then it will try to outline the main points in the growth in holiness of the Christian, taking into account the different walks of life to which people are called. Finally it will show how in all of this the church strains forward towards the kingdom of God.


Principally the documents of Vatican II, especially Lumen Gentium and Gaudium et Spes; AUMANN J. Spiritual Theology: New York, Continuum, 2006; GARRIGOU-LAGRANGE R. The Three Ages of the Interior Life, 2 Vols; but many other texts of well known spiritual writers from the churches tradtion will be used in class.