[AT167]  Theological Anthropology

thursday 16:30 - 18:15

Course Information

Professor: SESSA, Dario
Email: [email protected]
Language: English

thursday 16:30 - 18:15


The course will provide to the students a general picture of man “according to God’s view”, as we can read it from the Holy Bible and Catholic Tradition. It proposes orientation, meaning, purposes and perspectives of Anthropological Theology and has like principal subjects: Man created in image of God (free, intelligent and able to love), Salvation Plane, Creation, Fall, Grace and nature and destiny of Men according to Revelation, Church Magisterium and Theology. The course will end with a special part about the concept of Grace in St. Thomas.


Booklet of teacher. Further information will be given during the course. It’s essential, however, to use Holy Bible; DENZINGER H. - SCHȌNMETZER A., Enchiridion symbolorum, Definitionum et Declarationum, Herder, Freiburg 1976 (or other editions) and The Documents of Second Vatican Council. S. THOMAS AQ., Summa theologiae, I-II, qq. 109- 114.