The Spiritual Soul and Contemporary Neuroscience: A Thomistic Perspective


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The Spiritual Soul and Contemporary Neuroscience: A Thomistic Perspective

Dec 1 at 14:00 - 18:45

The Catholic Church teaches that each human being possesses a spiritual soul, made in the image of God, and that is the form of the body. Today advances in modern neuroscience unveil profound connections that exist between the structure and functioning of the brain and our cognitive and sensate activity. In this context how can the thought of Thomas Aquinas and his hylomorphic account of the spiritual soul help us to understand advances in neuroscience and their profound compatibility with a traditional Catholic understanding of the human person? 


Edward Feser (Pasadena College, California): The Immateriality of the Intellect: Immaterial Cognition and Aquinas’ Argument for the Immateriality of the Soul

Daniel DeHaan (Oxford University): Understanding the Human Person: Contemporary Neuroscience and the Rational Soul 

Andrew Davison (Cambridge University): Hylomorphism, the Soul, and Modern Biology

Ezra Sullivan, OP (Angelicum): More than a Feeling: the Role of the Body in Ultimate Happiness


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Dec 1
14:00 - 18:45
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