EWTN Radio Spots Airing for Angelicum

EWTN Radio Spots Airing for Angelicum

We are grateful to EWTN Global Catholic Radio for airing multiple radio spots that will begin to be broadcast in the United States this week to educate English speakers about our venerable Roman alma Mater!


Fr. Benedict Croell OP, the Director of Development and Mission Advancement, recorded the 30 second spots at Sacred Heart Radio station in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA). If you listen to EWTN radio in English (USA) you should begin to hear these spots which can also be heard by clicking on each of these:

  1. Angelicum History – Santa Sabina
  2. Dominican Identity of Angelicum
  3. Faith & Reason – JPII & Aquinas at Angelicum
  4. Roman alma Mater (JPII & Sheen) w/Adoration at the Angelicum
  5. Heritage of St. Thomas Aquinas at the Angelicum
  6. Doctor Humanitas: Model of Dialogue at Angelicum