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Saint Thomas Aquinas Emergency Fund

BEFORE October 1, 2020


Our students need your help now!  The Angelicum is preparing men for the priesthood and forming future leaders of the Catholic Church. Classes start again in October, but a number of our students from around the world are facing financial hardships, preventing them from continuing their studies.


A generous donor from the Angelicum’s Thomistic Institute has pledged $100,000 (€88,200) to help…but ONLY if we can find matching donations before October 1, 2020.


Donate now and your contribution will be MATCHED!


Will you help our students to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bring sacraments to those waiting for them?


Your gift to this emergency fund will be used only for current Angelicum students in cases of financial hardship due to the current crisis.  I would be delighted to meet or talk with you personally.


fr. Benedict Croell, O.P.

Mobile: +1.202.642.3597 (USA) | WhatsApp

[email protected]


Thank you for your support!





THANK YOU LATEST DONORS: $1,000 from Rev. J.J. from Minneapolis, Minnesota + $2,669 from M.V. from Cincinnati, Ohio + $370 from C.I. from Cincinnati, Ohio + $100 from H.L. from Bennington, Vermont



You can make a difference!

In the heart of the Churchthe Angelicum is educating future priests, religious and laity in the wisdom of Saint Thomas Aquinas where faith and reason come together. Thank you for your support!

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