[FL3316]  Anselm and Aquinas on Truth

Semestre I
giovedi 16:30 - 18:15

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Prof: HOLTZ, Dominic
Email: [email protected]
Lingua: Inglese
Programma: Baccellierato
Semestre I
giovedi 16:30 - 18:15


What does it mean for something to be true? To have or know the truth? Are only concepts true, or can statements be true? Can things be true? What does it mean for a person to be true? To be false? Is there one truth for all, or does truth vary with the knower? This course will examine two influential Medieval accounts of truth: the De veritate of Anselm of Canterbury on the one hand, and Question 1 of the Quæstiones disputatæ de veritate and Summa theologiæ I.16-17 and II-II.109-113 of Thomas Aquinas. A reading knowledge of Latin is helpful, although not required, for this course.


BIBLIOGRAPHY:Bibliography: ANSELM OF CANTERBURY, Three Philosophical Dialogues: On Truth, On Freedom of Choice, On the Fall of the Devil, transl. by Thomas Williams, Hackett, 2002; THOMAS AQUINAS, Quæstiones disputatæ de veritate1 and Summa theologiæ I.16-17 and II-II.109-113;JOHN MILBANK and CATHERINE PICKSTOCK, Truth in Aquinas, Routledge, 2000; SANDRA VISSER and THOMAS WILLIAMS, “Anselm on Truth,” in: The Cambridge Companion to Anselm, ed. by Brian Davies and Brian Leftow, 204-224, Cambridge University Press, 2004; JOHN F. WIPPEL, “Truth in Thomas Aquinas,” in: Metaphysical Themes in Thomas Aquinas II (Studies in Philosophy and History of Philosophy), 65-112, Catholic University of America Press, 2007