[FL3320]  Philosophy of Liberalism

Semestre II
mercoledì 14:30 - 16:15

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Prof: COGLIANDRO, Giovanni
Email: [email protected]
Lingua: Inglese
Programma: Licenza
Semestre II
mercoledì 14:30 - 16:15


This course is focused on the philosophical debate of the second decade of the XXI century in moral and political philosophy focusing on the concepts of Perfection, Perfectionism, Excellence, Ideal as they are elaborated in the context of contemporary Political Liberalism.
Paternalism and Perfectionism recently found a common playground in the extensive debate on the forms of legitimacy of a shared concept of Public Reason. Political liberals like Quong are strongly against any possible interventions aiming at perfecting the status of citizens. Coercion and manipulation are the two poles of relative legitimacy of Liberal Perfectionism as elaborated by Raz in The Morality of Freedom.Public Reason is a project constitutively grounded on incompleteness: in the understanding of Rawls Public Reason is (and should be) conceptually indefinite, therefore it is not able to provide clear and definitive conclusions concerning a peculiar issue. Is it possible to justify new kinds of Liberal Paternalism? Is it legitimate to reframe the interaction of the State with the citizens, as in the theories of Kramer and Gaus?
We will investigate the different possible intersections between the main issues of Liberal Paternalism, (moderate or not) and contemporary comprehensive theories of Flourishing comparing it with the goals of a Republican political idealaimed to avoid the logic of domination and oppression (Pettit etalii).


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