The Origin of Life and Nature Before Sin: Scientific and Theological Perspectives


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The Origin of Life and Nature Before Sin: Scientific and Theological Perspectives

Apr 1 - Apr 2

The Origin of Life and Nature Before Sin: Scientific and Theological Perspectives


1-2 April 2022


Location: Angelicum – Aula Minor


Also live-streamed on YouTube



One of the most fundamental and, paradoxically, least understood problems in biology is the origin of life. All possible scenarios – ranging from life emerging as a result of a supernatural event; life being coeternal with matter; life having an extraterrestrial origin; life arising spontaneously and readily from nonliving matter in short periods of time; to life being an outcome of an evolutionary process extended in time and of increasing complexity – raise intriguing philosophical and theological questions.

Another crucial step in the history of the universe was the origin of the human species. Here, the continuously challenged and revisited, yet commonly accepted scenario developed by evolutionary anthropogenesis faces the Biblical account of creation and the Christian understanding of human nature.

Further, if we accept the evolutionary scenario of the origin of species, a challenging question arises about natural disasters, suffering, struggle for existence, and animal death before the emergence of humans and their sin. Related to this is the condition of human nature before the fall. Were Adam and Eve truly immortal and free from any pain and suffering in the world in which natural and physical evil were already present?

Trying to answer these and other questions concerning the origins, we bring into conversation distinguished specialists working in natural science as well as philosophical and systematic theology from Europe and North America. Our aim is to offer a meaningful contribution to the ongoing dialogue between science and religion, from the point of view of classical theology and the thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas.


Call for Papers


In addition, we encourage both specialists and graduate students to contribute to the breakout sessions planned for both days of the conference. Paper proposals (no longer than 300 words) addressing topics discussed at the conference, as well as other issues in the dialogue between science and religion should be submitted by email at [email protected] before 1 December 2021.


Speakers Include:


William Carroll (University of Oxford)

Kiernan McNulty (University of Minnesota)

Randall S. Rosenberg (Saint Louis University)

Stanley Rosenberg (University of Oxford)

Fr. Piotr Roszk (Nicolaus Copernicus University)

Christopher Shingledecker (Benedictine College)

Fr. Mariusz Tabaczek, OP (University of St. Thomas Aquinas)



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