The Angelicum Thomistic Institute’s Online Professors Series

The Online Professors Series is an introductory series to Christianity in the Thomistic tradition – using reasoned reflection to deepen understanding of theological truths. Topics include “What is Creation ex Nihilo?”, “Does Contemporary Science Refute the Doctrine of Transubstantiation?” and “Is it Reasonable to Believe we have Immortal Souls?” The speakers include Mariusz Tabaczek OP, Thomas Joseph White OP, Thomas Davenport OP, Simon Gaine OP, Bernhard Blankenhorn OP, Ezra Sullivan OP and James Dominic Rooney OP.


Click on the images below to view previous talks. Check back in the fall to see our next Online Professors Series.

Previous Talks

Is it reasonable to believe we have immortal souls?


Fr. James Dominic Rooney, OP


10 June 2021

What does it mean to call the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God?


Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP


18 May 2021

Neither Zombie nor Vampire: The Salvific Reality of the Resurrected Christ


Fr. Ezra Sullivan, OP


22 April 2021

The Mystery of the Church: Insights from the Thomistic Tradition


Fr. Bernhard Blankenhorn, OP


16 March 2021

Imago Dei – What is the image of God?


Fr. Simon Francis Gaine, OP


23 February 2021

This Is My Body: Does Contemporary Science Refute the Doctrine of Transubstantiation?


Fr. Thomas Davenport, OP


21 January 2021

Why did God become human? Aquinas on the Incarnation


Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP


15 December 2020

What is Creation ex Nihilo? A Thomistic Introduction to a Key Christian Belief


Fr. Mariusz Tabacek, OP


17 November 2020

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