Dieu, Alpha et Omega Création et Providence

Dieu, Alpha et Omega Création et Providence

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Serge-Thomas Bonino,OP

Parole et silence

Bibliothèque de la Revue Thomiste


Where is your God? It is not always easy today for the believer to recognise the action and presence of God in the cosmos, in history and in his own life. Should we therefore set up a theology of the withdrawal of God? It is better, in the school of Saint Thomas Aquinas, to take note that God’s action is essentially situated on the metaphysical level: God is the first Cause, the source of being, who gives reason for the very existence of beings and who, in his providential government, acts at the very heart of the action of his creatures in order to lead them towards their fulfilment. The theology of divine government, implemented in the time of the eternal plan of Providence, sheds light on the meaning of history and of the economy of Christian salvation. It is also in this light that it is possible to consider the formidable question of evil.

This book, which follows on from God ‘Who is’ (De Deo ut uno) (2016), is a systematic course in theology that deals successively with the doctrine of creation, providence and divine government, and finally the question of evil. It offers a condensed presentation of the data of Holy Scripture and Tradition and then proposes a theological synthesis based on a commented reading of the texts of the Summa of Theology of Saint Thomas, the principles of which are capable of shedding light on the more contemporary problems.