Thinking with St. John Paul II. JP2 Studies at the Angelicum in Rome – a one-year interdisciplinary program

Would you like to draw wisdom from the sources of St. John Paul II’s thought and to search with him for answers to the most pressing questions of our day? Check out the one-year interdisciplinary program at the Angelicum’s St. John Paul II Institute of Culture! We invite religious and secular students of diverse academic backgrounds, to reflect on the heritage of St. John Paul II. 

The second edition of the JP2 STUDIES program with the St. John Paul II Institute of Culture, through the Angelicum’s Faculty of Philosophy, has begun. The mission of the St. John Paul II Institute of Culture is to encourage and promote reflection in the light of St. John Paul II’s intellectual and spiritual heritage on the most pressing challenges faced by the Church and the world today.

Students will be taught by outstanding experts in their fields and in the philosophy and theology of this great Pope – including Sr. Helen Alford OP, Rémi Brague, Dariusz Gawin, Michał Gierycz, Fr. Jarosław Kupczak OP, Jean-Luc Marion, Monsignor Michael Nazir-Ali, Fr. Raymond de Souza, George Weigel, Joseph Weiler. Participants in the program will learn to think with John Paul II about the greatest challenges of our day. We will ask questions about the dignity and liberty of the human person, solidarity and community, modernity and tradition. St. John Paul II can help us understand the world in which we live. Let us together meet as disciples of this great Pope at the Angelicum in Rome!

The program has been created for students of diverse walks of life, interested in deepening their knowledge about the life, work and teaching of St. John Paul II. The program is geared towards clergy, religious and laity alike, especially:
– seminarians, priests and members of religious communities,
– students with a Bachelor’s degree and graduate students,
– researchers and academics,
– catechists,
– journalists specializing in subjects of faith and the Church.

During two semesters, the program will cover over 230 hours of lectures and seminars, including required and elective courses, in which the student will be able to obtain up to 50 ECTS credits. The courses will be grouped into three blocks:

Foundational courses covering the life and work of John Paul II, the times in which he grew up, as well as the most important elements of his teaching in philosophy, theology and the social sciences. Course offerings for the 2022/23 academic year:
“JP2 – Life, Work and Historical Context” – Prof. George Weigel (Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington, D.C.)
“JP2 and Philosophy” – Dr. Cezary Binkiewicz OP (Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas)
“JP2 – Most Important Theological Issues” – Prof. Jarosław Kupczak OP (Pontifical University of John Paul II, Krakow)
“JP2 – Social Teaching” – Prof. Helen Alford OP (Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas), Prof. Michał Gierycz (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Warsaw)

JP2 Studies have completely exceeded my expectations and I can wholeheartedly recommend them

Harriet Andrews, alumna of JP2 Studies 2021/2022

Additional lectures and practical courses organized by the St. John Paul II Institute of Culture focusing on key issues and challenges for the contemporary world and Church in the light of St. John Paul II’s teaching.

These will include special courses by visiting professors invited to the Angelicum:
“Revelation and Phenomenality”Prof. Jean-Luc Marion (University of Chicago)
“Europe’s Philosophical Identity” – Prof. Rémi Brague (Université de Paris),
“The emergence of the notion of person in the West and human dignity, equality and liberty in Christian and secular thought”Monsignor Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali (Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue),
“The Road to Solidarity 1956-1980. Polish Catholic Church, democratic opposition and John Paul II” – Prof. Dariusz Gawin (Polish Academy of Sciences), as well as:

“JP2 Lectures” series of monthly lectures and accompanying seminars with special guest speakers. Among the speakers for the 2022-23 academic year are Professors: Joseph Weiler, Vittorio Possenti, Mirosława Grabowska, Antoine Arjakovsky, Sr. Helen Alford OP, Fr. Raymond de Souza, Dariusz Karłowicz, R. R . Reno, Fr. Thierry-Dominique Humbrecht OP, Fr. Franciszek Longchamps de Bérier,

study tour of Poland “Following in the footsteps of John Paul II” (Krakow, Wadowice, Częstochowa, Warsaw),  

“Re-enacting Rhapsodic Theater” – a theater course and production of Karol Wojtyła’s play under the guidance of Prof. Jarosław Kilian

Supplementary courses – courses selected from the current curriculum of the Angelicum; the list of possible subjects determined jointly with the Deans of the Faculties of Philosophy, Theology and Social Sciences; these courses will help supplement and broaden the knowledge of the teachings of St. John Paul II in the wider philosophical and theological context.

The courses are held in English and are carried out on a full-time basis and in-presence.