John Paul II’s “Roman Triptych” live performance in the Angelicum cloister

On the beautiful evening of May 17, after two weeks of intensive training and rehearsals the JP2 Studies students invited the Angelicum community and guests to a live performance directed by prof. Jarosław Kilian and staged in the cloister courtyard of the Angelicum University.

The true key word that sums up the pilgrimage in the second panel of the Triptych is not “Word”, but rather vision and seeing. The Word has a face. The Word – the source – is a vision. Creation, the universe, comes from a vision. And the human person comes from a vision.

Joseph Ratzinger

“The Roman Triptych” is a meditative poem in three parts published by John Paul II in 2003. It is a contemplation on the personal relationship of man and God: through intimate epiphanies and the Revelation. Its staging in the beautiful surroundings of the university’s cloister was a production worked out in the third edition of the theatrical workshops conducted at the Angelicum by professor Jarosław Kilian art historian and stage director, and long-standing dean and professor at the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. In previous editions, Angelicum students prepared Karol Wojtyła’s “Job” (2022) and “Our God’s Brother” (2023), whcih were staged in the Church of Saints Dominic and Sixtus at the Agelicum.

The cast this year were: Sandy Barba, Fr. Titus Blackman, O.Praem., Raffaele De Vincenzi, Mariami Eradze, Jan Grzegorzewski, Emily Langan, Marta Neri, Katarzyna Rodziewicz, Wojciech Stawarz, Catherine Warner, and Sophia Wu.

The young actors performed before an audience gathered in the green courtyard of the Angelicum. “The Roman Triptych,” which was John Paul II’s last published literary work, was performed by the young actors in various languages and was accompanied by music stemming from different Christian traditions.

See a clip from the event and our photo gallery below!