“Let’s paint Catholisim again” is a project aiming at a revival of sacred art. We bring together contemporary artists, theologians and Catholic intellectuals to tackle the most important mysteries of the Catholic tradition, and translate them into an artistic language understandable in today’s world. Starting from 2023, each new edition deals with one mystery of the Rosary bringing a new set of high class paintings.

The project continues thanks to the generosity of private patrons of the arts and is run by the St. John Paul II Institute of Culture at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas – Angelicum in Rome and the Saint Nicholas Foundation based in Warsaw.

In the current edition, painters participating in the project have been asked to create two paintings of the first mystery of the Rosary – the Annuciation: one painting intended for a church interior, and a second smaller painting for the purpose of private worship. The upcoming exhibition in Rome will feature paintings by Jarosław Modzelewski, Ignacy Czwartos, Jacek Dłużewski, Wojciech Głogowski, Jacek Hajnos OP, Krzysztof Klimek, Bogna Podbielska, Beata Stankiewicz, Grzegorz Wnęk and Michał Żądło. Before the artists began painting the images of the Annunciation, they participated in several days of workshops and listened to a series of lectures on the mystery from the perspective of systematic theology, biblical theology, history of art and angelology.