Book Review of Reframing Providence: New Perspectives from Aquinas on the Divine Action Debate

Father Mariusz Tabaczek, OP has published a review of the book titled Reframing Providence New Perspectives from Aquinas on the Divine Action Debate by Simon Maria Kopf. Kopf’s publication is an important contribution to the Thomistic view of divine providence (divine action) in the context of contemporary science.

Tabaczek’s full review of the book can be found in Theology and Science and on his profile on Here is an excerpt from the text:

“The debate concerning the understanding of divine action in the age of science (divine action debate – DAD) continues. Over the last two decades several important contributions to this conversation were offered by Thomists, including the initial response from Nicanor Austriaco and William Carroll, as well as more elaborate positions developed more recently by Michael Dodds, Mariusz Tabaczek, and Ignacio Silva. In his book Simon Maria Kopf offers yet another important voice which aims to deepen the classical theology response to the conversation inspired by the Divine Action Project (DAP).”

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