Theistic Evolution, by Father Mariusz Tabaczek, O.P., received honorable mention in this years Catholic Media Association Book Contest.

The book was released on October 26, 2023. Tabaczek, a Polish Dominican, is a researcher for the Angelicum Thomistic Institute and professor of Theology at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome, Italy.

The book offers a fresh, intriguing, and convincing way of reconciling and promoting an inspiring mutual exchange between the well-known Aristotelian-Thomistic tradition of philosophy and theology and the most recent version of biological evolution. It addresses a whole range of topics, including: the metaphysics of evolutionary transitions; the essentialist and hylomorphic notion of biological species and species transformation; the status and role of natural selection, teleology and chance in evolution; divine action in evolution; and the question concerning theological anthropogenesis as confronted with evolutionary biology.

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