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The Angelicum Thomistic Institute exists to foster theological, philosophical and other research rooted in the thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas. The Institute encourages the study of Thomas Aquinas and the Thomistic tradition as a living voice and inspiration for Catholic thinking, aiming at fruitful engagement with other philosophical and theological traditions, as well as with contemporary sciences. It pursues this mission by means of ongoing research and public conferences, collaboration with other universities and institutes, and outreach, especially through its Student Chapters.

The Angelicum Thomistic Institute’s Student Chapters programme brings scholars to university campuses to provide serious, intellectual formation for Catholic students and offers a context in which non-Catholic students can encounter the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition. In this way the programme fosters inquiry and dialogue among students and academics at university level.

Each chapter is led by students, who take the initiative to organise their chapter’s events. Chapter leaders choose from a list of speakers who provide suggested topics in their areas of expertise. The speakers are exceptional scholars in a wide array of fields, with particular emphasis on philosophy and theology. The goal is to make the Catholic intellectual tradition vibrantly present at today’s universities.

The Angelicum Thomistic Institute’s office helps our chapters organize and fund lectures at their institutions. In addition to these events, local chapter activities may include formal or informal discussions of practical or theoretical theological issues, reading groups, and multi-speaker conferences.

If you are interested in starting a Thomistic Institute Chapter at your University in Europe, please fill out inquiry form below and we will be in contact with you soon!