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Communitas 2022 – Biblical Law and Natural Law: An Interdisciplinary Symposium

Mag 6 at 9:45 am - Mag 7 at 6:00 pm

Inter-Faculty Conference Communitas 2022

Biblical Law and Natural Law: An Interdisciplinary Symposium

6-7 May 2022

Location: Angelicum – Aula Minor, and live-streamed

Lingue: Inglese e italiano

This is the third conference in the Angelicum’s “Communitas” series, where, in response to the call of Pope Francis (see Veritatis Gaudium, n. 4c), the different faculties of the university come together to debate a key topic of our day across the disciplinary divide. For more about the previous conferences in the series, see Communitas 2018: “The Common Good or the Throw-Away Society”, and Communitas 2021: “Preaching and the Arts”. The 2022 edition of the Communitas conference will be focused on the theme “Biblical Law and Natural Law”.

Friday, 6 May

9:45 | Welcome

10:00 | “How Do We Identify Ethical Norms in an Age of Relativism? The Roots of the Natural Law in Aquinas”
Prof. Dominic Holtz, OP (Faculty of Philosophy)

11:15 | “Utilità del Riferimento alla Legge Naturale per la Filosofia Contemporanea”
Prof. Dario Sessa (Mater Ecclesiae)

14:30 | “On the Unity of the Two Testaments: In What Sense Is the Torah a Law for Christians?”
Prof. Justin Schembri, OP (Faculty of Theology)

15:45 | “Is There Natural Law in the Bible? Do We Need Grace to Recover a Sense of the Natural Law?”
Prof. Catherine Joseph Droste, OP (Faculty of Theology)

17:00 | Keynote Address: “How Can Catholic Natural Theology Help Us in Engagement with Non-Christian Religions?”
Prof. Gavin D’Costa (University of Bristol)

Saturday, 7 May

11:15 | “Legge Naturale e Bioetica Contemporanea”
Prof.ssa Palma Sgreccia (Mater Ecclesiae)

14:30 | “Il Diritto Canonico Come Espressione Giuridica di un Incontro Originale tra Legge Biblica e Legge Naturale”
Prof. Loïc-Marie Le Bot, OP (Facoltà di Diritto Canonico)

15:45 | “Natural Law and Business Ethics: A Blossoming Relationship?”
Prof. Helen Alford, OP (Faculty of Social Sciences)

16:30 | Conclusion

Click here to download the full conference brochure.

Watch the recordings on Youtube.

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