Online Professors Series

The Mystery of the Church: Insights from the Thomistic Tradition

Fr. Bernhard Blankenhorn, OP

Imago Dei: What is the image of God?

Fr. Simon Francis Gaine, OP

This Is My Body: Does Contemporary Science Refute the Doctrine of Transubstantiation?

Fr. Thomas Davenport, OP

Why did God become human? Aquinas on the Incarnation

Thomas Joseph White, OP

What is Creation ex Nihilo? A Thomistic Introduction to a Key Christian Belief

Mariusz Tabaczek, OP

Serie en línea “Dios y el hombre en Tomás de Aquino” en español

La simplicidad de Dios según Tomás de Aquino

Juan José Herrera, OP

La metafísica y las ciencias

Dr. Enrique Alarcón

Série en ligne “Christianisme et Vérité philosophique” en français

Vérité du christianisme ?

Cyrille Michon

Teleology in Physics and Biology

Big Bang Cosmology and Christianity

Karin Öberg

Teleology, Providence, and Predestination

Fr. Andrew Pinsent

Order from Randomness in the Physical World

Thomas Davenport, OP

Is Evolution a Chance Process?

Denis Alexander

Telos in Contemporary Biology and the Relevance of Aristotle

Spyridon Koutroufinis

Does Teleology Prove the Existence of God? or Does God prove Teleology?

Mariusz Tabaczek, OP

Renewing Mystical Theology: The Link Between Theological Doctrine and Spiritual Practice in Medieval Spiritualities

Love above Knowledge in Thomas Gallus: Medieval Founder of Modern Anti-Intellectualism?

Boyd Taylor Coolman

L’agire trinitario nella contemplazione della verità divina, secondo il Commento di san Tommaso d’Aquino al Vangelo di san Giovanni

Denis Chardonnens, OCD

Albertus Magnus on Contemplative Ascent to God: The Purification of the Mind and the Senses

Bernhard Blankenhorn, OP

Union with God through the intellectus agens and the unum in nobis in Dietrich of Freiberg and Berthold of Moosburg

Paul D. Hellmeier, OP

Uomo interiore e esteriore secondo Meister Eckhart

Alessandra Beccarisi

The Doctrine of Deification: Mystical Experience as Dogmatic Foundation in St. Gregory Palamas

Marcus Plested

Theologia: Scientia secundum pietatem

Marianne Schlosser

Is Belief in God Reasonable? Aquinas’ Summa Contra Gentiles in a Contemporary Context

Vetera Novis Augere: Thomas Aquinas and Christian-Muslim Dialogue

Joseph Ellul, OP

God’s Existence & Nature in Summa Contra Gentiles I: The Case for Classical Theism

Gaven Kerr

The Intellectual Ethics of Revealed Truth

Roger Pouivet

What has Metaphysics to do with Wisdom?

John Haldane

Why Can’t a First Mover Be Accidentally Moveable? – Constructive Reflections on Aquinas’s Case for Divine Immutability in SCG I

Mats Wahlberg

God, The Absolute Wise Man, and the Study of Religion

Clemens Cavallin

Theology in a Time of Trial

Heaven 1: Beatitude of the Soul

Simon Francis Gaine, OP

Heaven 2: Beatitude of the Body

Simon Francis Gaine, OP

The Christian Life of Virtue: Introduction

Michael Sherwin, OP

The Christian Life of Virtue: Faith

Michael Sherwin, OP

The Christian Life of Virtue: Hope

Michael Sherwin, OP

The Christian Life of Virtue: Charity

Michael Sherwin, OP

The Christian Life of Virtue: Prudence

Michael Sherwin, OP

The Christian Life of Virtue: Justice

Michael Sherwin, OP

The Christian Life of Virtue: Courage

Michael Sherwin, OP

Giornata di studio della Pontificia Academia Sancti Thomae Aquinatis

Tommaso fra i contemporanei

Prof. Angelo Campodonico (Genova, PAST)

The Covid-19 Pandemic and the Hierarchy of Goods

Fr. Thomas Joseph White OP

Coronavirus e Teologia della Provvidenza

Fr. Serge-Thomas Bonino OP

Teologia fondamentale in contesto scientifico

G. Tanzella-Nitti (PAST ; PUSC)

The Trinity and the Kenosis of Christ

Christ’s Kenosis: Biblical Exegesis, Christology, Metaphysics, and Trinitarian Theology in Saint Thomas Aquinas

Fr. Gilles Emery, OP

Kenosis and Divine Self-Giving in Thomas Aquinas and Martin Luther

Christoph Schwöbel

Should the Cross be the Revelation of the Trinity?

Fr. Emmanuel Durand, OP

“A Mediator Involves More than One Party” (Gal. 3:20) – Kenosis and Covenant

Prof. Christophe Chalamet

The Two Natures of Christ in the Crucifixion

Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP

Trinity in Balthasar and Aquinas

Dr. Michele Schumacher

Personal Distinction in God and the Possibility of Kenosis

Dr. Bruce Marshall

The Cross of Christ as a Trinitarian Act

Martin Bieler

Theological Exegesis: Scriptural Theology

Is Nicene Trinitarianism ‘in’ the Scriptures?

Lewis Ayres

San Tommaso, Lettore del Hexaemeron

P. Serge-Thomas Bonino, OP

The Extraordinary Knowledge of Jesus: Prophecy in the Life of Christ

Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP

The “Right Hand” of the Lord?

Fr. Anthony Giambrone, OP

Eucharistic Sacrifice in 1 Corinthians

Fr. Gregory Tatum, OP

More than a Feeling: The Role of the Body in Ultimate Happiness

Fr. Ezra Sullivan, OP

Aquinas and Modern Evolutionary Theory: An Inquiry

Andrew Davis

Understanding the Human Person: Contemporary Neuroscience and the Rational Soul

Daniel De Haan

The Immateriality of the Intellect

Ed Feser

Thomism After Vatican II

Thomism After Vatican II: Why Aquinas Matters for Contemporary Theology

Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP

Memory and Conversion: Thomistic Ressourcement and Productive Non-Contemporaneity

Fr. Richard Schenk, OP

Saint Thomas Aquinas: A Peaceful Life of Controversies

Fr. Walter Senner, OP

Thomistic Institute – John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin Chapter

Avoiding Complicity in Evil: Cooperation Problems for Moral Decision-Makers

Helen Watt

Thomistic Metaphysical Realism: Its Importance and Viability Today

Mats Wahlberg

Joint Diploma Program Lectures

I Fondamenti della Vita Morale

Prof. Vittorio Possenti

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