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Located at the heart of Rome at the Angelicum, the John Paul II Institute of Culture encourages the study of the key problems facing the Church and the world today, in the light of the life and thought of St. John Paul II. It brings together outstanding intellectuals, scientists and artists from around the world, representing the interdisciplinary reflection distinctive for the thought of St. John Paul II. Through research, teaching, academic and cultural events the Institute aims to reach and connect students, lecturers, intellectuals, and the – broadly understood – elite of the Catholic Church.

Your gifts directly support these efforts by allowing our events to take place, in the form of conferences, seminars, and lectures.

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Online donations are processed via the International Dominican Foundation.

Please ensure to specify that your gift is for the St. John Paul II Institute of Culture under “Donation Intention”.

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Donations can also be made via a direct deposit to our account from your bank.

To arrange this please contact us by writing to [email protected].