Promoting Theology in the Thomistic Tradition
at the Heart of the Church

Our Mission

The Thomistic Institute at the Angelicum exists to foster theological research rooted in the thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas. It aims at promoting fruitful engagement with other philosophical and theological thoughts, as well as contemporary sciences.

The institute encourages the study of Thomas Aquinas and the Thomistic tradition as a living voice and inspiration for Catholic theology and philosophy. It does so by means of ongoing research and public colloquia, as well as collaboration with other institutes and university entities.

Upcoming Events

ATI-CSCS Joint Summer Seminar in Asian Philosophy and Scholasticism

July 15July 26
ATI Summer Seminar in Asian Philosophy and Scholasticism: Peace, Inside and Out July 15-26th, 2024 • Hong Kong Baptist University Speakers:  Dr. Jonathan Crowe, Bond University Dr. May Sim, Colle…

Original Sin: Its Meaning and Interpretation

November 8 at 12:00 amNovember 9 at 12:00 am
The Angelicum Thomistic Institute and the Angelicum Institute for Spirituality Present the Third Annual Pinckaers Chair Conference Original Sin: Its Meaning and Interpretation 8-9 November 2024 Angeli…

Aquinas on Cognition

November 22November 23
The Angelicum Thomistic Institute Project for Philosopy and the Thomistic Tradition Aquinas on Cognition 22-23 November 2024 Angelicum – Aula Minor Language: English Conference Schedule and Speakers…

Recent News

  • A New Article by Father Mariusz, O.P.
    Vacuum Genesis & Spontaneous Emergence of the Universe from Nothing in Reference to the Classical Notion of Causality and Creation ex nihilo The article addresses philosophical and theological reflections inspired by the cosmological models of the origin of the universe from the quantum vacuum (through quantum tunneling) and through a spontaneous emergence from an a-temporal … Read more
  • Theistic Evolution and the Catholic Media Association Book Contest 2024
    Theistic Evolution, by Father Mariusz Tabaczek, O.P., received honorable mention in this years Catholic Media Association Book Contest. The book was released on October 26, 2023. Tabaczek, a Polish Dominican, is a researcher for the Angelicum Thomistic Institute and professor of Theology at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome, Italy. The book … Read more
  • Father Mariusz, O.P. at Yale, Brown, MIT, and Harvard
    Father Mariusz, O.P. on Thomistic Evolution recently in the U.S.A. Father Mariusz, O.P. was recently invited by the Thomistic Institute in D.C. to give a series of lectures and seminars on selected topics related to his recently published book, Thomistic Evolution: A Contemporary Aristotelian-Thomistic Perspective (Cambridge University Press, 2024). Father gave open public lectures at Yale University and … Read more