Immateriality in the Age of Science

October 2023 – June 2024

One source of tension that people find between science and religion is that the former focuses on material reality while the latter invokes and makes claims about spiritual realities of an immaterial nature. To some, the lack of scientific evidence for spiritual realities make them questionable at best, and nonsensical at worst. This online series will explore natural arguments for the existence of spiritual realities, namely, God, angels, and the human soul. Primarily philosophical in nature, these talks will look at both classical and contemporary defenses of the immaterial. By providing reasonable arguments for the existence of a spiritual order, we can deepen our vision of reality. The beauty and complexity of the physical order that science provides can be placed in harmony with the broader reality physical reflection and revelation provide.

This years online lecture series for the 2023-2024 Science and Religion Project features monthly lectures at 7pm CET (Rome). Talks will be live-streamed on Zoom with a Q&A.

Series Schedule

October: Michael Gorman on Aquinas and the Philosophical Question of the Existence of God

November: Gregory Doolan on Aquinas’ Arguments for the Existence of Angels: Demonstrative or Merely Probable

December: Msgr Stephen Rossetti on Deliverance and Exorcism Ministry in the 21st Century

January: Daniel DeHaan on Aristotelian Arguments for Immaterial Powers: Actual Problems and Potential Solutions

February: Adam Wood on Aquinas’ Arguments for the Immaterial Mind

March: Antonio Ramos-Diaz on From Indeterminacy to Immateriality: The Kripke-Ross Argument in Context

April: Aaron Schurger on Aquinas’ Arguments for Free Will

May: Anselm Ramelow on Human vs. Artificial Intelligence

Language: English

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