Does God Create Through Evolution? A Thomistic Perspective

A new publication by Fr. Mariusz Tabaczek, OP

The Angelicum Thomistic Institute is pleased to announce the publication of a new article by Fr. Mariusz Tabaczek, OP in Theology and Science. You can read “Does God Create Through Evolution? A Thomistic Perspective” clicking HERE.

Abstract: Many advocates of theistic evolutionism develop an image of God creating within and through evolutionary processes. Defining their position as “evolutionist creationism,” they conceive God as sharing his divine power to create with his creatures. I claim that evolutionary transformations can certainly be thought as particular exemplifications of the concurrence of divine and natural causes. However, because they occur within already existing matter, they should not be conceived as an aspect of divine creation but rather as an important part of divine providential governance and guidance of the created universe toward its end.

Fr. Mariusz Tabaczek is a Polish Dominican and theologian who works with the Thomistic Institute at the Angelicum, particularly with the Project for Science and Religion. He is interested in the science-theology dialogue, especially in the issues concerning science and creation theology, divine action, and evolutionary theory. You can read more about Fr. Tabaczek HERE.

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