Doctrine of the Resurrection of the Body and the New Heavens and New Earth

Paul O’Callaghan

Pontifical University of the Holy Cross

Professor of theological anthropology at Ponricical University of the Holy Cross

The eschatological doctrines of final resurrection and cosmic transformation have traditionally been dealt with in a theological and philosophical way. This has led in some cases to a spiritualistic or existential reading of these fundamental eschatological ‘events’. The first part of the paper will attempt to present both ‘events’ in a theological key. The second will deal with the challenge some scientific findings provide for these teachings. Thirdly, a possible philosophical synthesis of the two will be suggested. In this way it should be possible to contribute towards the integration of three different approaches to fundamental elements of the Christian mystery”, the theological, the philosophical and the scientific.

Paul O’Callaghan born in Ireland, studied engineering at UCD (Dublin) and theology at the University of Navarre (Spain). Taught dogmatic theology at Navarre (1985-90) and the Pontifical university of the Holy Cross, Rome (1990-). Vicerector of Holy Cross (1998-2000), Dean of theology (2000-2008), director department of dogmatic theology (2012-20). Professor of theological anthropology at Holy Cross (2003-). Also studied and taught creation theology and eschatology. Particular interest in Lutheran theology, faith, reason and culture, and priestly spirituality. Recent publications: “Faith challenges culture” Littlefield and Rowman 2021; “God’s gift of the universe: introduction to creation theology”, Catholic University of America Press, 2022.