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Univocity and Analogy in the Long Thomist and Scotist Traditions

Oct 26 - Oct 28

Univocity and Analogy in the Long Thomist and Scotist Traditions

26-28 October 2023
Angelicum, Aula Minor

Largo Angelicum, 1 Rome, Italy 00184

Language: English

Few philosophical traditions (if any) have thought as deeply and as seriously about univocity and analogy as Thomism and Scotism. This conference will explore (a) Thomist accounts of univocity, (b) Scotist accounts of analogy, (c) Scotist accounts of univocity, and (d) Thomist accounts of analogy.


Thursday 26 October

10:00 | Andreas Waldstein | How Many Formal Concepts?

11:30 | Francesco Fiorentino | Analogy and Univocity in Henry of Harclay

15:00 | Andrea Nannini | Metaphysical Hybridism: John of Ripa between Univocity and Analogy

16:30 | Garrett Smith | Defining Univocity in Early Scotism

Friday 27 October

10:00 | Gregorio Fracchia | Cornelio Fabro, the Fourth Way, and the Notion of Analogy

11:30 | Jacopo Lohs | Cognition and Univocity: the theological-philosophical elaboration of Francis of Meyronnes

15:00 | Dominic LaMantia | Do Thomists Defend Analogy too Effectively for their own Good? Scotus, Some Thomists, and the Challenge of Jesuit Nominalism

16:30 | Domenic D’Ettore | Too Simple for Univocity: Thomas and Ferrariensis on Language about God

Saturday 28 October

10:00 | Pasquale Viola | The Univocity of Being in Geraldus Odonis: an Analytic Approach

11:30 | Vitaly Ivanov | The faithful disciple of Scotus? The diverse modes of univocity and ‘saving of analogy’ in John of Bassolis, OFM

15:00 | Philip Neri Reese | Matthias Aquarius’s Supertranscendental Critique of the Univocity of Being

16:30 | Efrem Jindracek | Michael Saravetius de Petrasancta OP and his treatise De analogia entis contra Scotistas (1516)


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