What am I? Thomistic Anthropology

Jadwiga Guerrero van der Meijden

Jagiellonian University
Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Kraków

The detailed outline of the presented argumentation concerning Thomas’ texts on human dignity and their relation to contemporary magisterial teachings on the topic is outlined in: J. Guerrero van der Meijden, Person and Dignity in Edith Stein Writings. Investigated in Comparison to the Writings of the Doctors of the Church and the Magisterial Documents of the Catholic Church, Walter de Gruyter, Boston-Berlin 2019, pp. 298-295, 313-334.

This talk was part of the 2022 Student Summer Seminar: Aquinas, Philosophy, and Contemporary Science, held in July 3-6 at the Angelicum in Rome. The seminar featured talks on Thomistic philosophy and its relation to the contemporary scientific culture in the university, pilgrimages within Rome, and fellowship with other students from across Europe.