Project for Philosophy and the Thomistic Tradition


St. Thomas Aquinas was not just a theologian. He was also a philosopher—and a philosopher of the very highest caliber. From metaphysics to natural philosophy to ethics, his thought has consistently inspired later thinkers to follow in his footsteps and build upon the foundations that he laid. That is why—from St. Thomas’s day forward—the Thomistic school has never been without a rich, vibrant, and living philosophical tradition. Here at the Angelicum Thomistic Institute, the Project for Philosophy and the Thomistic Tradition serves as a testament to the vibrancy of Thomistic philosophy in our own day.

The project exists for a twofold purpose: ad intra, it exists to promote and support those who study and practice philosophy within the Thomistic tradition; ad extra, it exists to promote constructive and critical engagement between Thomistic philosophers and the wider philosophical community. It does the first at the heart of the Church. It does the second at the heart of the world. In the service of this twofold end, the project (1) facilitates academic research and doctoral direction, (2) organizes conferences and workshops dedicated to both the historical and the speculative study of St. Thomas and his school, and (3) hosts seminars and lectures for students interested in learning more about Thomistic philosophy. And it does all of this in frequent collaboration with other institutes and centers of research—both in the Dominican Order and in contemporary academia.