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Eschatology and the Human Person

Dic 2 - Dic 3

The Second Annual Pinckaers Chair Conference

Eschatology and the Human Person

2-3 December 2022

Location: Angelicum – Aula Minor
Lingua: Inglese

Eschatology and the Human Person 2022 Program


Friday, 2 December

12:30 | Simon Francis Gaine OP (Pinckaers Professor and Director of the Angelicum Thomistic Institute) | Universal Salvation, Damnation, and the Task of Theology

13:30 | Lunch Break

14:30 | Medi Ann Volpe (University of Durham, England) | Disability and the Resurrection of the Body: Identity and Imagination

15:30 | Coffee Break

16:00 | Rebekah Lamb (University of St Andrews, Scotland) | John Henry Newman and the Art of the End

17:00 | Coffee Break

17:30 | Michael Baggot LC (Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum) | The Daring and Disappointing Dreams of Transhumanism’s Secular Eschatology


Saturday, 3 December

12:30 | Philip Neri Reese OP (Angelicum Thomistic Institute) | The Separated Soul and the Human Person

13:30 | Lunch Break

14:30 | Paul Murray OP (Angelicum) | ‘Looking Death Straight in the Eye’: The Wisdom and Witness of the Saints

15:30 | Coffee Break

16:00 | Daria Spezzano (Providence College, USA) | “When Israel Came Forth from Egypt”: Aquinas on the Gifts of Judgment and Purgatory

17:00 | Coffee Break

17:30 | Michael Sherwin OP (Aquinas Professor, Angelicum Thomistic Institute) | The Way is the End: Aquinas on Human Acts as ad finem

Watch the recordings on Youtube.


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