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Theological Exegesis: Scriptural Theology

Feb 22 - Feb 23

Theological Exegesis: Scriptural Theology

22-23 February 2019
Angelicum, Aula Minor

Lingua: Inglese

This conference considers ways that theology might be grounded in exegesis and modern exegesis might be conducted in ways deeply convergent with classical doctrine. It features discussions between exegetes and theologians around a series of core biblical themes: God, creation and covenant, Trinity, Christology, Church, with representative from each field presenting on these topics.

Friday, February 22, 2019 

9:05-9:25  |  Opening Address
Michal Paluch, OP (Angelicum)

9:25-10:25  |  “Creation in the Wisdom Literature”
Mark Avila, OMV (Angelicum / École Biblique)

10:55-11:55  |  “San Tommaso, Lettore del Hexaemeron” 
Serge Thomas Bonino, OP (Angelicum)

15:00-15:40  |  “Divine Emotions: Unfitting Attributes?”
Emmanuel Durand, OP (Angelicum)

15:40-16:20  |  “God’s attributes of justice and mercy in sequence and counter-sequence: the Flood narrative
(Gen 6–9)”
Jean-Pierre Sonnet, SJ (Pontifical Gregorian University)

17:00-17:45  |  “The Right Hand of the Lord: Prosopological Exegesis and Jesus’ Trinitarian Messianism”
Anthony Giambrone, OP  (École Biblique)

18:00-19:00  |  “Is Nicene Trinitarianism ‘in’ the Scriptures?”
Lewis Ayres (Durham University)

Saturday, February 23, 2019

9:00-9:30  |  “I Ministeri nella Prima Chiesa: Tra Storia e Teologia”
Enrico Cattaneo, SJ  (Pontificio Istituto Orientale)

9:30-10:00  |  “Il Pranzo e la Cena: Percorsi nel Sermone Homo quidam fecit cenam magnam di San Tommaso d’Aquino”
Margherita Maria Rossi (Angelicum)

10:45-11:15  |  “Eucharistic Sacrifice in 1 Corinthians”
Gregory Tatum, OP  (Angelicum)

11:45-12:45  |  “Temple and Incarnation”
Gary Anderson (University of Notre Dame)

14:30-15:15  |  “La Cristologia nella Lettera agli Ebrei”
Paolo Garuti, OP (Angelicum / École Biblique)

15:15-16:00  |  “The Extraordinary Knowledge of Jesus: Prophecy in the Life of Christ”
Thomas Joseph White, OP (Angelicum)

16:30-17:30 |  “The Ascended Son’s Absence and Presence in the Gospel of John”    
Markus Bockmuehl (University of Oxford)

17:45-18:45 |  “Confessing the Cosmic Christ”
Richard Bauckham (University of Saint Andrews)


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