Living Well in Troubled Times: The 2022 Hong Kong Philosophy Series

In the midst of a historical pandemic, as well as geo-political struggles and wars now breaking out around the globe, the prospect of living well at this time might seem the luxury of the blessed few. What we posit, in this series of talks, is that this pessimism is not justified. Instead, each person can not only survive but flourish in the midst of life’s many challenges. The resources of our theological and philosophical traditions point to the way that we can turn suffering to our advantage, to the virtues of learning how to appreciate our limitedness, and show us how we can preserve an interior refuge in the midst of exterior pressures.

The talk series is open to the general public, but undergraduate and graduate students are particularly welcome to attend.

Registration is required to access the Zoom link.

This Online Series is co-sponsored with the Centre for Sino-Christian Studies at the Hong Kong Baptist University and the Centre for Catholic Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Upcoming Talks

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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Intellectual Life in Dark Times (Video)

Intellectual Life in Dark Times Dr. Zena Hitz St. John’s College We think of education as a way we find our way in the world, to careers that are meaningful, lucrative, or secure. Dr. Zena Hitz, Tutor at St. John’s College, will look at some historical autobiographical accounts of the life of the mind as lived under extreme difficulty, and…

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The Virtues of Limits (Video)

The Virtues of Limits David McPherson Creighton University In this talk, David McPherson explores the place of limits within a well-lived human life and discusses his original account of limiting virtues, which are concerned with recognizing proper limits in human life. The limiting virtues that are the focus are humility, reverence, moderation, contentment, neighborliness, and loyalty. This discussion draws from…

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