Monday, September 19 – Opening

09.00S.-Th. Bonino (Rome), The Thomistic tradition today
09.45P. Porro (Italy), St. Thomas in his Epoch
11.00R. te Velde (Netherlands), Aquinas and Platonism
11.45J. Vijgen (Belgium), Thomistic tradition

12.30 – Lunch Break

15.00 – Afternoon Breakout Sessions

15.00F. O’RourkePseudo-Dionysius as Aquinas’ source on angels
15.45B. Aráoz VallejoLa recepción del Timeo de Platón en Tomás de Aquino
16.15R. TaylorArabic Sources in Thomas’s Early Account of the Metaphysics of God
17.15A. GriffinAquinas and Cusa on the Platonism of Dionysius
17.45M. A. BerochA imagen de Dios: una fuente patrística en la concepción tomista de la libertad humana
18.15M. M. RossiA Hidden Source of the Prologue to the I-II of the Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas
15.00C. CuddyThomism and the Question of History: Principles and Contingency
15.45E. Jindracek, o.p.What is a Thomist? A Historical-Speculative Consideration.
16.15R. Lynch, o.p.Bañez on the Eucharist: the Good Friday Liturgy in Sixteenth Century Thomism
17.15S. LangellaLa Escuela de Salamanca e il suo debito con Tommaso d’Aquino
17.45L. LaoThe Philosophy of History of Cardinal Zeferino Gonzalez, OP (1831–1894) and its Thomistic Origin
18.15I. ZelicSome Characteristics of Thomistic Philosophy in the 20th Century

15.00J. Rooney, o.p.Retributive Harmony in the Thomistic and Neo-Confucian Tradition
15.45M. BaggotFrom Transhumanism to Transfiguration: A Thomistic Assessment of Transhumanism as a Technocentric Secular Humanism
16.15J. MonzonSobre los fundamentos de la etica animal
17.15S. AbbateTransumanesimo e antropologia tomista
17.45J. EberlDoes Enhancement violate human nature ? A Thomistic Evaluation.
18.15E. EhThomas Aquinas and Zhu Xi as Philosophical Exemplars
15.00O. BoulnoisDe la science théologique d’Aristote à la métaphysique thomasienne. Une lecture de Métaphysique Λ
15.45J. R. Mendez (PAST)El ente : una novedad sin sistema
16.15J. MitchellAquinas on the Method of Composition and the Metaphysics of Operation
17.15Ph. N. Reese, opOn the role of esse in Thomistic Metaphysics : L. Dewan vs J. Owen
17.45M. RaffrayMétaphysiques relationnelles contemporaines et métaphysique thomiste de l’être
18.15M. OcampoPrecisiones ontológicas de santo Tomás de Aquino sobre el principio de causalidad frente a las propuestas nominalistas
15.00T. HoffmannWhat’s wrong with Aquinas’s theory of free will?
15.45J.J. Sanguineti (PAST)El amor de amistad como plenitud de ser
16.15X. Prevosti, hnssc«Para la libertad nos ha liberado Cristo»
17.15P. F. Lombardo BertoliniAproximacion a una filosofia del corpo humano en Tomas de Aquino
17.45M. MrozekDispositio and Habitus in Relation to the List of Categories in St. Thomas Aquinas
18.15K. LoganSt. Thomas Aquinas and Edith Stein on the Sexual Difference of Man and Woman

Tuesday, September 20 – Philosophy

08:00Mass (Latin) in the main church at the Angelicum
09.00A. Contat, Metaphysics
09.45M. Mantovani (Rome), Philosophical Theology
11.00G. Tanzella-Nitti (Rome), Thomism, Nature and Science
11.45R. Pouivet (France), Analytical Thomism

12.30 – Lunch Break

15.00 – Afternoon Breakout Sessions

15.00L. TuninettiTruth, Reflection, and the Domain of Epistemology
15.45M. DamonteA. Kenny e la (presunta) filosofia della mente in Tommaso
16.15A. Lind, sjWhy the Thomistic notion of “truth” is still meaningful
17.15N. RamirezAquinas’s adaequatio: more than correspondence
17.45G. LuiseTranscendental Deduction and Ontology of Knowledge
18.15G. BoersmaTwentieth-century Reception of St. Thomas’s Doctrine of Connatural Knowledge
15.00M. PangalloPrimato dell’atto d’essere nella metafisica di San Tommaso e immortalità della persona umana
15.45M. BastitThe thomist critics of the anselmian argument and two contemporary philosophies of religion
16.15M. BauwensFive ways to the one argument? Revisiting Thomas and Anselm on demonstrating God
17.15F. PanizzoliUna struttura fondazionale: due interpretazione “tommasiane” di uno schema astratto della Category Theory
17.45F. RodriguezAquinas on Evil and the Will : A response to Mackie
18.15J. VerburgtIn Diversitate Unitas: A Note on Aquinas’s Ordering of Knowledge Forms
15.00T. Scarpelli CoryTurning and Returning: Aquinas on the Soul’s Circular Motion
15.45F. AmeriniThomas Aquinas on the End of Human Life
16.15D. LendmanThe Separated Soul as a Person In Virtute
17.15C. TomaszewskiAquinas on Death as Substantial Corruption
17.45R. de MoraesThe necessity of habits according to the Summa Theologiae
18.15M. PlotkaThomas Aquinas on overflow
15.00J. R. LanavèreDe Les droits de l’homme et la loi naturelle (Jacques Maritain, 1942) à La loi naturelle et les droits de l’homme (Pierre Manent, 2018) :
une vision différenciée de la relation entre loi naturelle et droits de l’homme à partir de la doctrine thomasienne de la loi naturell
15.45T. LapenneLoi naturelle et religion
16.15C. Isler SotoDid Aquinas know the notion of natural rights? The current state of discussion: a clarification.
17.15D. SimoncelliQualis lex, talis natura: Ripensando la natura umana a partire dalla legge naturale
17.45O. JuurikkalaHuman Nature and Reasons for Action: Reading Aquinas’ Natural Law Doctrine in Light of Maximus the Confessor
18.15D. ZoumayaSt. Thomas Aquinas on the Knowability of the Natural Law
15.00M. TabaczekClassical and Contemporary Versions of Hylomorphism: Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives
15.45G. ReichbergSituating Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the Thomistic Metaphysical Map
16.15D. De HaanVindicating Aquinas’s Anthropology in the Age of Neuroscience
17.15G. CelayaThe Thomistic conception of habit: a cogent framework for human neuroscience
17.45R. MillerThomistic Foundations for Moderate Realism about Mathematical Objects
18.15F. BinottoThe justification of the contingency of natural effects: the case of Thomas Aquinas

Wednesday, September 21 – Theology

08:00Mass (Latin) in the main church at the Angelicum
09.00P. Roszak (Poland), Text, Method or Goal? On what really matters in Biblical Thomism
09.45B. Blankenhorn (Switzerland)
11.00G. Emery (Switzerland), Trinitarian Theology
11.45Th.-J. White (Rome), Christology

12.30 – Lunch Break

15.00 – Afternoon Breakout Sessions

15.00T. PrüglPhilosophical exegesis? – The Expositio in Iob ad litteram as role model for Thomist Exegesis
15.45S. Long (PAST)The analogy of Being as the metaphysical Framework for Sacra doctrina
16.15N. LombardoAnalogy, metaphor, and religious language
17.15M. VanziniLa scientificità della teologia in san Tommaso. Una riflessione attualizzante
17.45A.-M. AubryLa soumission religieuse au magistère simplement authentique
18.15I. ManresaExégesis del teólogo e interpretación del santo a la luz de santo Tomás de Aquino
15.00E. PerrierThe One Operation of God
15.45J. O’Callaghan (PAST)The Theological Conclusion of the Quinque Viae
16.15M. HausmannL’essere come principio centrale della teologia trinitaria di san Tommaso
17.15D. GordonThe Trinitarian Act of Creation: Evidence from the “Pauline” Commentaries of Thomas Aquina
17.45E. PiliDio come evento nel pensiero di Tommaso d’Aquino
18.15E. KoffiAquinas on the Divine Persons
15.00R. PietrosantiDe aetenitate mundi. La questione della temporalità della creazione in Tommaso d’Aquino.
15.45B. AdamskiSi el amor fuera necesario. Pocas palabras sobre la necesidad del amor y la libertad de Dios en el hecho de la
creación en santo Tomás de Aquino
16.15L. PrietoConservación como primer efecto del gobierno divino
17.15B. Valuet, OSBSaint Thomas sur la permission du mal
17.45K. Van ReuselThomas Aquinas’s concept of angelic time and the impossibility of an apokatastasis of the fallen angels
18.15B. DeSpainRewriting the Divine Ideas: Encountering the Fullness of Creation in Christ
15.00R. FerriL’Incarnazione: salvezza dell’uomo e rivelazione di Dio
15.45T. WeinandyThe Primacy of Christ in Aquinas’ Commentary on Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians, Chapter 1:3-14
16.15J. EmeryAquinas’ use of the Principle of the Maximum in his Christology
17.15R. NuttThe Theandric Operation of Christ as Divine Philanthrōpia: On St. Thomas’s Doctrine of the Instrumental Causality
of Christ’s Human Nature and the Soteriological Implications of the Hypostatic Union
17.45M. HysellThe Anointing That Humanizes the Son: Doing Pneumatic Christology as ‘Theandric Anthropology’”
18.15L. SimmsSaving the Cross: A Critique of the Feminist Model of Incarnational Atonement in Light of the Theology of Thomas Aquinas
15.00D. LeggeThe Trinity at Christ’s Baptism and the Institution of the First Sacrament
15.45A. QueirósOrdered plurisignification of sacramental signs. The contribution of III, q. 60, a. 3 to contemporary sacramental theology
16.15D. LangevinThe Christological Dimension of the Deacon
17.15A. M. SurmanskiSacramental Honesty in Aquinas
17.45S. Sanz SánchezResurrectio praesupponit immortalitatem: From Aquinas to Ratzinger through Cullmann
18.15G. Contín Aylón¿Hay tiempo despuès de la muerte? Una respuesta desde santo Tomás de Aquino

Thursday, September 22 – Morality

Solemn Mass of the Congress in Saint Peter’s Basilica (Cardinal Ladaria)
Pontifical Audience

12.30 – Lunch Break

15.00 – Afternoon Breakout Sessions

15.00S. GaineRecent Work on Aquinas on Original Sin
15.45T. Kennedy (PAST)Grace and moral theology
16.15R. Van NieuwenhoveAquinas on original sin and salvation: an interpretation and retrieval
17.15D. ElliotThe Growth of the Infused Virtues
17.45Marie de l’AssomptionLa capacité naturelle à la grâce dans les commentaires des Sentences chez Thomas d’Aquin et Bonaventure
18.15A. Ten KloosterIn statu conversionis: St. Paul’s Conversion and Our Growth in Virtue
15.00J. LarrúLa renovación de las virtudes teologales en la tradición tomista
15.45M. PaneroLa dottrina tomista del fine ultimo è ancora percorribile? Un tentativo di rilettura.
16.15A. PidelAquinas, Conscience, and Dissent
17.15F. RyanThomas Aquinas: The Complexity of Truth-telling?
17.45C. CasanovaGrisez and the perverted faculty argument
18.15A. SaccoLa giustizia come virtù
15.00M. EchavarriaLa familia, formadora de la personalidad humana
15.45P. GondreauChrist as the Highest Model of Chastity (Exemplum Castitatis): A Thomistic Approach
16.15M. O’ConnorThe Distinction Between Sexual Attraction and Sexual Desire:
A Contribution of Thomistic Philosophical Anthropology for Contemporary Sexual Ethics
17.15P. de SolenniEquality of Difference: Leading to a Most Profound Intimacy and Friendship
17.45L. NicolòL’apporto del tomismo alla fondazione di una filosofia dell’amore sponsale
18.15F. PascualSanto Tomás de Aquino y la bioética
15.00E. MartínezLa educación de la sabiduría
15.45M. BartoliLa doctrina sobre el maestro de Tomás de Aquino en la cuestión 117 de la Suma de Teología: un aporte a la actual reflexión pedagógica.
16.15Y. JuriLa inclinación natural a comunicar la verdad y sus dimensiones éticas en el ámbito educativo según la perspectiva tomista de Antonio Millán-Puelles
17.15J. JuanolaLa magnanimidad como fin terapéutico
17.45F. RoggeroLa nozione di pretium iustum da Tommaso d’Aquino ai codici dell’Ottocento
18.15E. KincaidMercy and Justice: Thomistic Insights into Sovereign Debt Relief
15.00R. HittingerThe fons et origo of the Thomistic distinction between imperial and ecclesial powers.
15.45P. A. JonesThe Freedom of the Inner Man: The Spirit, the Flesh, and Obedience to Temporal Authority According to Thomas Aquinas
16.15R. DoughertySt. Thomas Aquinas on the Best Regime
17.15J. CarabanteLey y Política. La actualidad de la filosofía jurídico-política de Santo Tomás
17.45J. MeinertThe Theology and Metaphysics of Peacebuilding: Thomas Aquinas and Peace Studies in Dialogue
18.15T. LaiPrudentia against Virtu in Crisis Government: St. Thomas Aquinas, Machiavelli and the Problem of Emergency Powers

Friday, September 23 – Morality

08:00Mass (Latin) in the main church at the Angelicum
09.00W. Giertych (Rome), Theological Ethics
09.45A. Campodonico (Italy), Virtue Ethics
11.00A. Vendemiati (Rome), Natural Law
11.45F. Daguet (France), Politics

12.30 – Lunch Break and Free Afternoon

Saturday, September 24 – Pilgrimage

All DayPilgrimage in the footsteps of Saint Thomas Aquinas to Aquino-Roccasecca
11:30Mass (Cardinal Ravasi)