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Diploma "Ut Unum Sint" in Ecumenical Studies

Institute for Ecumenical Studies

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Program Description

Launched to mark the 25th anniversary of the encyclical Ut Unum Sint of John Paul II, the course provides an on-going formation in ecumenism in collaboration with the Dicastery for Promoting Christian Unity. A unique initiative in Italy, led by scholars from various Church Communions, this Course is especially addressed to diocesan ecumenical officers. The Course offers a high-level study program in Italian (eight thematic units over one year, on Fridays), at the end of which students receive the Diploma “Ut Unum Sint” in Ecumenical Studies. Each thematic unit includes one lesson of 4 academic hours, one workshop and an ecumenical visit in Rome.

Each thematic unit includes:

  • Three lectures of four academic hours each, on three different topics
  • An ecumenical visit to Rome and its surroundings

The lessons will be held in Italian by professors and experts in the subject, who belong to different churches.

At the end of the curriculum, it is possible to obtain the “Ut Unum Sint” Diploma in Ecumenical Studies (Diploma awarded by the Institute of Ecumenical Studies). However, to obtain the “Ut Unum Sint” Diploma, the following things must be completed:

  • Attendance at the modules.
  • A final essay of 20-30 pages
  • An exam to be passed at the end of the year. The exams includes the discussion of the essay.

Those who do not intend to obtain the Diploma will receive a certificate of participation (always with the minimum attendance required).

Admissions: New Students

For registration information for students who are new to the Angelicum, click the button below.

This page also includes information on prerequisites, language requirements, transfer policy and tuition fees.

Registration for Returning Students

If continuing in the same cycle of studies OR if beginning a new cycle of studies, currently enrolled students are asked to register for courses during the month of June as follows:


Register and submit your course selections via the Angelicum’s online Portal:


Once the Dean’s office approves and confirms all of your courses via the Portal (you will receive a notification on the Portal that this has been completed), proceed to Step #3.


Pay all academic fees for the semester or full year (or at least the minimum deposit amount of €250.00 for the semester). Payments can be made online or in-person at the Administration Office by (1) credit/debit card or cash, (2) bank transfer. Online payments may be made here.

***If the student needs to obtain a “Certificate of Enrollment,” please contact the Secretariat General’s office directly at[email protected]

N.B. In order to receive such a certificate, the student must pay the entire academic fees of at least one semester.

Other Important Information

Adding / Dropping Courses

Students may add or drop a course or seminar during the first two weeks of classes at the beginning of each semester. The student may make the changes directly on the Portal. If the student has any question or concern, or if the student would like to meet with the Vice Dean, please make a request by filling-out this form.