History of the Institute of Spirituality

Founded in 1950 by Father Paul Philippe OP (+1984), the Institute of Spirituality was approved by the Congregation for Seminaries and Educational Institutions on May 1, 1958. Its purpose is threefold: 1) the scientific and systematic study of ascetical and mystical theology; 2) preparation of spiritual directors and directors of novices; 3) theological renewal and continuing education of priests, religious and laity.

Programme of Studies

The courses of the Institute are divided into obligatory courses, which are the principal courses required of all who are working for the Diploma, and elective courses, which students may select in order to fulfil the required number of credit hours. The programme for the Diploma includes:

1. 11 courses
2. 1 seminar.


Students seeking the Diploma in Spiritual Theology register with the Faculty of Theology.


There are two types of students: ordinary students who take the Institute courses for at least two semesters and receive the Diploma or Certificate of the Institute; auditing students who register for courses of their own choice without the obligation of taking examinations.

Director's Office

President: Rev. P. Luke Buckles, O.P.
E-mail: [email protected]