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Third Cycle

Doctorate in Sacred Theology (S.T.D.)

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Program Description

The S.T.D. degree, conferred by the authority of the Holy See, presupposes the successful completion of the S.T.B. (or its equivalent) and S.T.L. degrees. The S.T.D. program represents a minimum of two years of post-Licentiate studies which provides students the opportunity to reach a certain theological maturity by means of specializing in a particular discipline of Theology (Biblical, Thomistic, Dogmatic and Fundamental, Ecumenical, Moral, or Spiritual Theology), and especially through the preparation of a doctoral dissertation which will contribute meaningful, effective, and original research toward the progress of theological science. The primary feature of the S.T.D. degree is that it qualifies one to teach in a Faculty of Theology.

The S.T.D. program is structured according to the general rules formulated in the Angelicum’s Handbook of Studies, and further specified in the Doctoral Guidelines. It consists of four main stages:

1st Stage: Registration for the Cycle

Admission process includes the verification of the candidate’s degrees and academic transcripts, as well as the discernment of whether the Faculty has a prospective Moderator who can direct the doctoral project. 

2nd Stage: Coursework and Doctoral Proposal

The S.T.D. coursework includes the Doctoral Seminar and additional methodological and content-related courses specified in the Doctoral Guidelines. This stage ends with a Doctoral Proposal which goes through a careful critical evaluation. It is an important verification of the student’s capability of conducting a systematic, meaningful, and original research, and writing a doctoral dissertation that will contribute to the progress of theological science. 

3rd Stage: Research and Writing

At this stage the student, under the direction of the Moderator, writes a dissertation which is reviewed and approved both by the Moderator and the Censor. 

4th Stage: Final Examination and the Reception of the Doctoral Degree

Plan of Study

Attainment of the S.T.D. degree occurs when the following three elements have been completed and passed: 

1. All required courses and seminars have been completed and passed.

2. The doctoral dissertation (150 to 400 pages long) and its Defense (Final Exam) has been completed, passed, and published (either whole or in part).

3. All academic fees have been paid.

S.T.D. 2023-2024 Curriculum

S.T.D. students who did not complete their S.T.L. degree at the PUST Faculty of Theology must complete the following course obligations. Unless the Faculty requires additional courses due to deficiencies in the student’s academic background, successful completion of the below courses satisfies the course obligations for the entire S.T.D. program. 

Doctoral Guidelines and Procedures
STD Student & Moderator Agreement
Doctoral Proposal Guidelines
Doctoral Proposal Approval Form
STD Dissertation Proposal Plagiarism Disclaimer

S.T.D. 2024-2025 Course Schedule

In-Progress Doctoral dissertations

S.T.D. Areas of Specialization

For general information regarding the Areas of Specialization and their 2023-2024 Course Schedules, click on the appropriate link below from the S.T.L. program:

Admissions: New Students

For registration information for students who are new to the Angelicum, click the button below.

This page also includes information on prerequisites, language requirements, transfer policy and tuition fees.

Registration for Returning Students

If continuing in the same cycle of studies OR if beginning a new cycle of studies, currently enrolled students are asked to register for courses during the month of June as follows: 


Register and submit your course selections via the Angelicum’s online Portal:


Once the Dean’s office approves and confirms all of your courses via the Portal (you will receive a notification on the Portal that this has been completed), proceed to Step #3.


Pay all academic fees for the semester or full year (or at least the minimum deposit amount of €250.00 for the semester). Payments can be made online or in-person at the Administration Office by (1) credit/debit card or cash, (2) bank transfer. Online payments may be made here.

***If the student needs to obtain a “Certificate of Enrollment,” please contact the Secretariat General’s office directly at[email protected]

N.B. In order to receive such a certificate, the student must pay the entire academic fees of at least one semester.

2023/2024 Tuition Fees

Other Important Information

Adding / Dropping Courses

Students may add or drop a course or seminar during the first two weeks of classes at the beginning of each semester. The student may make the changes directly on the Portal. If the student has any question or concern, or if the student would like to meet with the Vice Dean, please make a request by filling-out this form.

Registering for Seminars

Registration for seminars is on a first come, first served Thus, students should be mindful to select their seminars as soon as possible. Students should never approach a professor and ask to be accepted into his/her seminar. If a seminar is full, the student must make a request to the Vice Dean. Requests may be made via this form.


S.T.D. Final Examination (Doctoral Defense)

Examination Eligibility

To be eligible to take the S.T.D. Final Examination (Doctoral Defense), the student must have: 

1. completed all academic obligations; 

2. submitted three bound copies of their dissertation (approved by both the Moderator and Censor) to the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty; as well as one printed copy and a pdf copy of the abstract of the dissertation (500-600 words) and the table of contents; and

3. paid all academic fees.

Doctoral Defense

For the details of the Doctoral Defense, see the above Doctoral Guidelines and Procedures PDF.

The Title of "Doctor"

In order to receive the title of “Doctor”, the student must have: 

1. passed the Doctoral Defense; and 

2. published the dissertation in whole or in part, according to the requirements of the Secretariat General.  

Exam form/Modulo
STD Dissertation Plagiarism Disclaimer
STD Dissertation Methodological guidelines