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Thomistic Section

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The purpose of the Thomistic Section is to uncover the depth and richness of the doctrine of St. Thomas Aquinas and the Scholastics, through the study of the historical context in which Aquinas worked, textual analysis, and the application of Thomistic principles and thought to contemporary issues. For a full and comprehensive understanding of the thought of Aquinas, the courses of the Thomistic Section develop along four paths:

1. Historical (the life and times of St. Thomas; the theological currents, scientific knowledge, Islamic and Hebraic thought of the epoch; the fonts, sources and theological tools utilized by Aquinas; and, the history of Thomism).

2. Doctrinal (the dogmatic and moral treatises of St. Thomas; and Aquinas’ underlying philosophical structure and epistemology).

3. Exegetical (St. Thomas’ Biblical commentaries and homilies).

4. Spiritual (the spiritual, liturgical, aesthetic and poetic writings of St. Thomas). With the Dean’s permission students may incorporate courses from other University programs and specializations, particularly from the Faculty of Philosophy.

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