Registration for the academic year begins at the end of May or first week of June and continues until the third week of September [University offices are closed during the month of August]. Students may also register in January for the second semester.



1.  An authentic original diploma and certification of completed studies, including: a) academic title; b) number of years of study completed; c) content of the studies (courses); d) credits; e) grades obtained.


2. Copy of a valid document (passport / Id. Card.)


3. In the case of Italian citizens and foreign students also having Italian citizenship, copy of the Fiscal Code – Codice Fiscale (alphanumerical number you can find on your permesso di soggiorno or the Italian NHS Card). For information on obtaining one, please contact students’ office: [email protected].


4. Official letter of Authorization (original) from:


  • the Bishop or the Rector of the student’s College of residence if he is a cleric or a seminarian;
  • for diocesan seminarians / priests residing in Rome in a non-authorized College, authorization from the Office of Clerics, issued by the Vicariate of Rome. Secular or Religious priests living outside the Diocese of Rome must present the nihil obstat of their own Ordinary, which proves their diocesan incardination, or affiliation to a particular religious institute, and the place of their habitual residence;
  • for religious, one’s Major Superior;
  • for lay students: letter of presentation by Bishop, priest or another ecclesial person on letterhead, signed and sealed (original). It should state the faith, the moral status and approval of the student seeking to study at the Angelicum.


5.  Letter of Acceptance [Required for Non-EU candidate students who must attain a Visa in the local Italian consulate of their country of origin. A student who is seeking a study visa (type D), will need to request a letter of acceptance from the Decanato.


  • To attain this certificate priests, seminarians, and lay students must provide a letter from their bishop with the nihil obstat of the Apostolic Nuncio of the student’s country of origin. The nunciature then forwards the letter to the Angelicum.
  • The student should contact their Italian Embassy and ask: 1) for specific requirements as to the language of the letter (Italian or English); 2) whether the Embassy requires the vidimazione from the Vatican State of the pre-registration letter. If yes, please contact Mrs Monica Nizzoli in charge of the Student Office: [email protected].
  • The letter costs 5 euro + shipping. A street address must be submitting to the Faculty Secretary. Please contact [email protected] for payment.


6. Initial registration form that can be downloaded from Angelicum’s website;


7. For students whose mother tongue is neither English nor Italian: if in possession, a certificate stating the level of knowledge for the language of preference (Italian/English) – B1/B2


8. Two passport size photographs.


NB: Permesso di Soggiorno – Certificate of Registration: Application must be made within eight days of your arrival in Rome. Please note that in order to apply for a residence permit (Permesso di Soggiorno) the student will need a certificate of registration requested from the Secretary General’s office. The office will not prepare the certificate until the student has completed registration with the Decanato and paid fees for one full semester.



1. Receipt of payment of the amount due, paid in the Office of Administration.


2. For the requirements of the individual Faculties or Institutes, the student must consult the appropriate Programme of Studies.


*NB: Matriculated students who are beginning a new cycle of studies must submit a new copy of the initial registration form that can be downloaded from Angelicum’s website;


Once the Decanato has approved your application and area of study you may find course programs online.


  • First Cycle Students: Program is prepared by the Dean / Vice Deans. The student must select seminars among those offered for their program.
  • Second Cycle Students: please see the program guidelines The Dean / Vice Deans are available to assist you in selecting courses and seminars.
  • Third Cycle Students: Required courses are selected from the STL programs, but include the Doctoral Seminar. The Dean / Vice Deans will guide you in determining courses required for your program.



  1. Please click here for academic fees.
  2. The payment can be made by: credit card, debit card, check in Euro (if the check in Euro is not of an Italian bank, please add € 10,00 for the foreign check exchange costs) or cash at the Administration Office which issue a payment receipt, or by bank transfer. Should the registration be cancelled, this initial payment shall not be refunded.
  3. For the further information please visit the website: https://angelicum.it/student-area/payment-options/?swcfpc=1 or contact [email protected].



For questions on housing, insurance, or other non-academic topics, please contact [email protected].


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